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mr. warrior panda
  • First things first. Misfits. I'm so disappointed in your season final i almost can't find proper words to describe it. With all the story building up to some kind of almost revalationary experience, we are ending up in an episode of a show "Simon's getting ready for his trip to the future" [new power checked, burried girlfriend checked, and i remember i need that one power too, oh don't mind that i remember you couple of years ago buying it from me, but i don't have money, oh i'll just give you some] Though Kelly x Seth are still getting things going. And that zombie episode was far more entertaining than the last one for sure.
  • Leverage is the one show that can always cheer me up. I mean mostly Sophie and Parker of course. And that's why this week's episode was so not for me.
  • In music news - DW season 6 OST is out. And on the contrary with the season itself it's just amazing.Right now this bit is one of my favourites [for me that's the Amy One theme ;_; ] Murray Gold - 36 Years:
  • I don't know if you know, but i just love SNL. esp. for the things like this:
  • [c]
  • and last but not list. I've downloaded a book on Creative Writing, so we'll see where it takes us by the end of the day

мне елнь переводить комрады

2011-12-21 в 21:46 

the sky's the limit
мы все поняли, мы с тобой, о великий пандобрат!
Вот эта гифочка с пианиной - крута! полтумбочки уже в ней))))

2011-12-21 в 21:47 

Red Mara
Yeah, sex, socks, they're pretty much the same word. © Special Agent Seeley Booth
Мисфитов я ещё не досмотрела)))))
Но вот Воздействие - это даааааа..... Серия с девушками была шикарная))))
Но на этой неделе - моя очередь слюни пускать

2011-12-21 в 21:52 

mr. warrior panda
Риенна, эта женщина просто неимоверна велика))
Red Mara, да там и Хардисона и Эллиота полон дом, пускай неперепускай!:eyebrow::eyebrow:

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