mr. warrior panda

movie + shuffle meme as requested by faerna

Starring: Kristen Bell, Patrick Wilson, Paul Bettany, Anna Torv

The sсript - Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds. Lasar (Paul Bettany) is a fugitive. He has lost everybody he loved and cared about during the Great Wipe Out and now he's trying to start a new life at Mars' Dome #4. But ghosts of the past are good at keeping track. His old friend John (Patrick Wilson) who was executed right in front of him at Earth, keeps on starting weird conversations during night shifts at the local hospital. And Lasar's fiancée Rose (Anna Torv) seems to be somewhere around all the time. In fear of losing last shreds of sanity Lasar is desperate to find a person who can help him. Dr. Lane (Kristen Bell) is the one who can.

@темы: meme!time, movie x shuffle meme, SCI FI DRAMA, with a pretty cinematography and lots of negative space shots, though idk idk idk, Anna Torv, Paul Bettany, Patrick Wilson, Kristen Bell